Art Gallery Fabrics Fat Quarter Gang

Oh snap!  It's been an insanely long time since I've actually blogged, do ya'll miss my ramblings?  Yeah, May's about to be over and it's actually starting to calm down around the house.  You know, I actually took the Memorial Day weekend and put … [Continue reading]

May = N U T S!

Weeks are going by so fast. . . it's May already!!! The month of May is so crzy for me. . .I just celebrated my 13th anniversary with my hubby last night. Then this weekend is Pepper's 2nd birthday: After that I have to get geared up to … [Continue reading]

Zakka Sewalong Week#3

Without a doubt the folks that are doing the Zakka Sewalong are AWESOME!   I'm just simply amazed by all the finished projects each week and I love ppl's personalities coming out in their projects. Here's a small sample of my favorite pincushions … [Continue reading]

No more fat quarters!

You know when you're starting the quilting hobby and you go to the local quilt store. . or even shopping online, and those dang fat quarters are the best. They're good for many reasons: 1. Fat quarters give you a bigger chuck of the … [Continue reading]

Patchwork Prism QAL

So if you're internet junk and you're into quilting you might of seen this awesome quilt design done my Mrs Anne Maria Horner: Well she's offer the pattern for  F R E E! (download it here) Do ya'll need some motivation and group support … [Continue reading]

Random stuff for Friday

So a couple days ago we were teaching Pepper how to read properly. . didn't you know there's a right way to holding a book?? Well I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did: I hate playing tag! I really, really, do. But I just can't say no … [Continue reading]

This little house

Wow another week has past and the little house pouches in the Zakka Style Sewalong are stinkin' adorable!!! Seriously. . . here's a couple of my favorites!! And again Amy of Made During the Quiet time did a great job on hers. This week's … [Continue reading]

Small Plates

Ah it's time for the next quilt in the Practical to Patchwork project!  (wait, if you're just tuning in, I'm making all the quilts in the book.  Yeah it's kind of a personal quest) What's my fabric choices?  Well I've decided to do a little of … [Continue reading]

4×5 Modern Bee blocks

The weekend was semi productive. I got my blocks done for my bee and I really, really, like how they turned out: My colors for the bee is red, yellow, and grey. (I'm missing a couple blocks that I've already received in this pic) How … [Continue reading]

New tunes

So one of the best break-up songs of all time, right?? Like a small kid following a trail of gingerbread crumbs. . that led me to Kimbra and who doesn't love a good mashup (lyrics from one song placed on the tunes of … [Continue reading]


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