Did she drop off the face of the earth?

Why yes. . I think I may have dropped off the face of the earth well at least that's what my blog looks like. Here's a quick update (in case you need to be caught up), the hubby and I got in a big car accident.  I went to empty out the car at the … [Continue reading]

Umm insert witty title here

Hey everyone, Remember how I posted about my shitty week? Yeah. . I must of been asking the universe if it could do better. So Wednesday, the hubby came to pick me up from work to take me to my eye appt - they were going to dilate my eyes … [Continue reading]


Head over to Lee's blog - I'm guest posting! Woot! Woot! … [Continue reading]

It’s just been one of those weeks

Last week just kind of sucked ass. . Monday - I took the morning off to for a dermatology appt.  Yeah visiting the doctors is kind of lame. . it's like going there to show off all the bad things that are going wrong in your body.  So I was getting … [Continue reading]

Cascading Flock Pillow – Fat Quarterly Designer Challenge

Have you seen Community Retreat Special Issue of Fat Quarterly?  I designed a pillow for it! A big inspiration for the pillow was Mrs Heather of {House} of A La Mode - I always love the pillows she puts together: If you don't know what … [Continue reading]

EZ Dresden Mondo Pack Winner

So you guys made me laugh with all the fill in the bubble answers! Here's the list: Lisa Markham Super Dresdenman to the Rescue!  Here to help with all your Dresden challenges. Kathleen Hi there, this is Captain Dresden … [Continue reading]

Zippy the lap quilt (EZ Dresden Challenge)

Yup that's what I'm naming this quilt I did for the Dresden Challenge. . . Rewind a little, when Elisa asked me a month ago if I was going to help promote the EZ Dresden Challenge I thought, "Sure why the hell not." But have I done dresdens … [Continue reading]

EZ Dresden Quilting Challenge

Oh no. . . Purse Palooza 2012 will have to be put on the back burner for a couple days. . .(yeah ever get those days where you've over committed to things, trust me they're awesome things if I only had all the time in the world)  It's actually … [Continue reading]

Purse Palooza 2012

Well I finished my mini NY Beauty Swap. . what do you think?? Next project. . Purse Palooza 2012 baby! What's Purse Palooza 2012? Here's the details: 1. Every weekday in June, there will be 2 amazing guest bloggers scheduled to share … [Continue reading]

NYB Swap progress

I've been really chugging away at my NY Beauty mini/pillow swap (when I mean mini/pillow, I'm thinking of making it into both and letting my secret partner decide what she wants to do with it). Remember the NY Beauty sewalong. . .I thought it might … [Continue reading]


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