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Zakka Style Sew Along

Zakka Sewalong Week #17

Zakka Style Sew Along

Holy Moly!!  It’s week 17 out of 24, can you believe it?

This week’s an easy small pouch, called “Delightful Linen Pouch.”  The pattern is by: Mette Robl.  You know, when I saw the picture – I thought it was bigger than it really was. .but it’s tiny and so cute:

Zakka Week#17

I noticed that on the picture there was some adorable cross stitch action. But you know, I haven’t ever cross stitched at all in my sewing career. I turned to twitter to ask my community “is cross stitching hard?” it was . . the general consenus was, “No.”

You know one of my favorite cross stitch pattern shops is? The Frosted Pumpkin stitchery. (if you really want to know, it’s my only shop I go to)

Did you know Lecien made embroidery hoops? Yeah I love the logo: “Just like Grandma’s favorite hoop”

Lecien Embroidery Hoop

I went to my local supplier of cosmo thread. . . yeah my lqs is awesome!

Cosmo supplier


This pouch was really easy to put together. I didn’t do any modifications to the pattern except leave out the button. I want to do another one and add a zipper or Velcro.

Delightful Linen Pouch Actionshot#1

I lined it with my favorite Flea Market Fancy pattern:

Inside Actionshot

Oh, I totally lied – I didn’t use is the suggested interfacing – I used shape flex fusible interfacing. Yeah, I’m a rebel. Reasoning? Well I just wanted it to be more shapely and I knew shape flex would give me that result.

I also figured that the front of the pouch – is a blank canvas so decorate it how you want.

Project Breakdown:

Linen: Black Yarn Dyed Linen by Robert Kaufman

Cosmo thread (variety)

Fabric (front) Summerlove Naivety Berry

Lining Fabric Flea Market Fancy Legacy Dots

Binding unknown (I’m betting something by Lecien)

Giveaway Details:

Now if you’ve been following along, each week we give (5) Aurifil sample packs. . but I thought I would add in a prize as well since me and Lindsey started this craziness. I’m adding in a signed copy of the Zakka Style book. So there will be (6) prizes that I’m giving away! Woot! (I’m using rafflecopter so if you need more info on how to enter please see video below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

How to Enter Rafflecopter Giveaways from Rafflecopter on Vimeo.

May = N U T S!

Weeks are going by so fast. . . it’s May already!!!

The month of May is so crzy for me. . .I just celebrated my 13th anniversary with my hubby last night.

Then this weekend is Pepper’s 2nd birthday:

Pepper at target

After that I have to get geared up to hit market. . .

Then it’s my son’s 13th birthday. . .

At some point I will crash. . . .


Last week’s Zakka sewing kits were just too adorable! If you’re looking to make something as a gift – this would be it! Here’s a small sample of my favorites:

Week 4 Sewing Kit favs

This week is all about Mrs Kerry from verykerryberry and her awesome version of the Patchwork Pencil case:

Zakka Style Sew a long week 5

p.s if you notice that I’m a little quiet in May. . . it might have to do with me going nuts. Just Sayin!

Zakka Sewalong Week#3

Without a doubt the folks that are doing the Zakka Sewalong are AWESOME!   I’m just simply amazed by all the finished projects each week and I love ppl’s personalities coming out in their projects.

Here’s a small sample of my favorite pincushions for week#3:

My creation

There’s a couple ladies I’m noticing that are doing every project so far. . . I THINK THAT’S SOO AWESOME!!!!

This week’s project is brought to you by a good buddy, Katy! If you have time go ck it out:


This little house

Wow another week has past and the little house pouches in the Zakka Style Sewalong are stinkin’ adorable!!! Seriously. . . here’s a couple of my favorites!!

My creation

And again Amy of Made During the Quiet time did a great job on hers.

This week’s it’s all about an adorable pincushion fr Mrs Ayumi (man! I love her work with a crzy passion):

Zakka Pincushion

Zakka Style Sew Along

Week 2 of the Zakka Style Sewalong

Wow! Have you guys seen all the Zig Zag bags in the flickr group?  Here’s a small sample of the my favorites:

My creation

Now it’s Amy’s turn of During the Quiet Time, it’s super adorable too!

House Pouch

Remember! Once you finish up your house, head over to LR Stitched and link it up for a prize at the end of the week – we’re giving away a $30 gift certificate to ZipIt.

Zakka Style Sew Along Prizes!

Happy Monday everyone! I got a question last week about how this whole Zakka Style Sew Along started.

I’ve been following Mrs. Lindsey’s blog: LR Stitched for a while now. . and when she talked about doing a sew along in February for the book, I just couldn’t let that idea go. I mean, I was grocery shopping and thinking, Zakka Zakka Zakka! I contacted Lindsey and Rashida. (after the shopping – girl’s gotta eat!) we brain stormed this idea of a sew-along but showcasing a blogger and their work each week. Then we thought. . 24 weeks of projects, how do we keep readers interested for that long? Prizes!!! That’s how this whole crzy, awesome sew along started. It’s been nuts organizing. . but good.

Zakka Style Sew Along

Did you get your copy of the Zakka Style book??? I hope we’ve got you excited enough to join along.

As mentioned above each week we’re raffling off a prize for the prior’s week’s project. That’s right 24 weeks of giveaways! Who doesn’t want a chance at that.

After 6 projects/weeks go by we’ll draw another for a bigger prize. So don’t be discouraged about getting the project done every week just jump in when you can, because your name will be in the hat for the quarterly prize pack. Link up parties will be on Lindsey’s blog. Plus she’s got all the details of times, etc (oh and she explains the rules way better than me)

This week’s prize is brought to you by: Timeless Treasures. It’s a whole fat quarter bundle of Washi fabric:


Timeless Treasure

This week’s project is by Mrs. Terri aka Sew Fantastic. She’s got the most adorable Zig Zag tote on her blog!!!

Now we’re not going to show step-by-step how to do the projects but tips n’ tricks. Also if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Flickr group, comment on the blogger’s post, or ask anyone of us. We’re more than happy to help.

Since the hubby’s going on a small business trip for 4 days, I’ll be sewing like a mad woman. . . and fit in some spring cleaning. But really who wants to clean when you can sew a cute tote.

Zakka Style Giveaway Time!

Time for a giveaway!! 

Zakka Style Button

[Continue Reading...]

Zakka Style Sew Along

You know I’ve been following Lindsey’s blog for a while now. . . it helps that me and her have a great sense of humor and we can joke back n’ forth without thinking that the other person might could get offended.

So awhile back when she announced she was going to be doing every project in Rashida’s new book Zakka Style, I couldn’t help but join her!

Here’s a lil’ info on the projects. . they’re super cute and super simple!  So pick up the book and join us each week won’t ya??!!!  Here’s where you can get the book:

E-book (download it instantly!)

C&T Publishing

Google Play

Diesel E-book


Signed copy from Mrs Rashida herself


Amazon UK

Sew Mama Sew


Barnes & Noble

Create for Less

Don’t forget to grab the button!!!! And join the flickr group!

Zakka Style Sew Along
<div align="center"><a href="http://lrstitched.com/category/zakka-style-sew-along/" title="Zakka Style Sew Along"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7199/6841837772_1b737ca48a_o.jpg" alt="Zakka Style Sew Along" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

So we rounded up some of our best blogger buddies into this and each week they’re going to show their version of the project, it’s a sweet twist on a blog hop. Here’s the schedule for each week and what they’re going to showcase:

There will be a week in between each project, so it will give you time to make and move to the next.

We’ve got an awesome line of sponsors and giveaways each week from :


Grab a book and join the fun won’t ya?


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