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Random stuff for Friday

So a couple days ago we were teaching Pepper how to read properly. . didn’t you know there’s a right way to holding a book?? Well I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did:

I hate playing tag! I really, really, do. But I just can’t say no to Mrs Kim fr My Go-Go Life.

1. How machines do you/have you owned and what is your favorite machine?

I have a Pfaff Select 4.0 – so ole’ skool but eh I really only need it for straight line stitching. I’ve been debating on upgrading to a Janome Horizon 7700 but I get heartburn about the $$$.

2. What is your favorite quilt block? Please link up the pattern/tutorial I love adding to my to do list :o)

My favorite block is:

Block 3

You can get the templates off Kelbysews blog. She’s such a rockstar.

3. What is you favorite fabric line {or two if you can just not decide}?

I think my favorite line would have to be anything Denyse Schmidt. . . I like 98% of her designs.

My DS Fabric Collection

4. If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?

I would lived near the beach or on the beach. I get super jealous of when Amber of One Shabby Chick post pics cause she lives in Hawaii. One day, I’m living on the beach!!!

5. Do you have any unusual talents?

Hmm. . . I can cuss like a sailor

6. What is your worst habit { I bite my nails}?

This is totally gross but I have a tendency of picking off my dead skin or scabs. Even thought it hasn’t healed all the way I’ll pick it til it bleeds again. Gross right?

7. What is your cannot live without sewing gadget? Again please provide a link so we all can see :o)

I can’t live without the iron. I’m sorry but I’m super anal about ironing. Maybe I should invest in a super iron and not a super sewing machine.


Air Guitar w/ Pepper

So in the course of one President’s Day Weekend – my wonderful husband, Brad taught Pepper to air guitar. Last night, we’re sitting and a popular I-talian eatery and she notices that her kid’s menu had a character holding a guitar. Well she proceeded to strum the paper guitar and fling her head back and sing (yell) her heart out. . . oh it looked a little something like this:

Scrap Splat Challenge

Back in September, Mr. Thomas issued a Scrap Splat Challenge on GenerationQMagazine.com. (40) 2.5 scrap squares issued to 30 gals/gents, you have to use all the squares in your project.

When I got my scrap set, I read the note and put it aside. .. I mean the due date was in October, so I had plenty of time right? Well last weekend, (yes! last weekend) I remembered that I had this on my list and freaked out! Did a quick google search to see when the project was due and dang 10/26! Yeah so I looked at my scraps. . .I had already thought about doing a sewing machine cover. . . but oh how my plans quickly change.

Here’s a shot of my scraps that I received:

2011-10-22 08.57.02.jpg

How do I make something modern with tradition fabrics. . . and how do I incorporate each one together. . . . oh wait Mr. Thomas said I could use solids. . . . okay. . . hmm search thought my piles of fabric. . jackpot! Kona Charm pack from the Sewing Summit Swag bag.

I organized the piles into the color wheel:

2011-10-22 09.00.44.jpg

Hmm. . . it’s kind of coming together. . . lets do some sewing! I placed the scrap squares with solids that were in their color range and then for neutral element, light kona grey.


Here’s the dilemma I have. . .my style is modern but I have to deal with the traditional fabrics. . .it’s easy when you have modern fabric for your modern projects. . but flip that a little and your brain starts to break a little.

I looked on my cutting table and saw one of colorways from PearTree and wanted to incorporate that design:

2011-09-23 17.16.42.jpg

That means a little raw edge applique. . .oh boy my favorite. . (one day I would love to learn turn edge) (and yes you did detect a sense of sarcasm)

Again turning to my fabric stash. . gotta add more neutral fabric. . .oh white fleece that’s already cut to the right size. . yeah at this point the sewing machine cover idea is trashed because of the size of this puppy:


But I think I accomplished my goal! It looks pretty modern with traditional fabrics. . . . what do you think?

Since I’m hella short on time, I really need to not over think this. . so I just did some straight line quilting from the center of the circle out and here’s the results:


Here’s the back, again something from my fabric stash (shout out to Ikea):

Scrap Splat Back

My little girl, Pepper loves it so it’s going to her:



Hope you liked my impromptu Scrap Splat Challenge!!!

What a jungle!!

So a good friend of ours helped us with some major projects this weekend.

One of them being getting rid of our massive “jungle” on the north side of our house. When we moved in, honestly it was okay but it was like the previous owners just planted everything they could on that side of the house. I asked a couple good buddies to come over Saturday morning to help us take the “jungle” out and I would pay them with a good all you can eat sushi lunch. And here’s a shot of the aftermath:

2011-07-24 09.33.17.jpg

Yeah one of our friends says it looks like a tornado hit our front yard. I’d like to say, “Bonfire at our house!” but I don’t think the neighbors would approve. I would also like to say. . . “F-R-E-E Mulch!” But then I don’t think I’d get a lot of takers.

While the guys were busy getting taking the jungle out. . the womenfolk were busy tending to the chiclins. I stuck them in the back of my new truck for a bit and they seemed to just enjoy crawling around in the new space:

2011-07-23 10.37.02.jpg

(Pepper looks a lot like me in this picture. . I blame the squinty eyes)

Are you a SL, UT local? Have you seen this on your trips out of SLC?? It’s pretty dang cool IMO.

2011-07-24 10.34.56.jpg


So if you’re just tuning in, you might should know that I have a 12yr old that’s hella picky when it comes to eating. I guess you can say it’s my fault but I don’t want to take the blame. So with version 2.0 we thought we’d try to introduce the “horrible” stuff at a younger age. That’s right, I finally got out the camera and got a picture of Pepper eating broccoli!! The boy kept saying in the background while she’s chowing down: “YOU’RE EATING SHRUBS!!!”

To which, Ms. Pepper replied: NOM! NOM! NOM!

Nom! Nom! Nom!

(had to snap a picture for proof, I’m betting she’ll turn picky)

Tonight, for the first time eva, I cut my own bias binding. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself. . . . I know it’s easy. . but hey, I did it from a fat quarter and it looks totally great and awesome with my current WIP:

Bias Binding!

(Leigh, does that “ugliness” look familiar?)

No more running to the fabric store to get my pre-cut binding!!!

Officially Crawling!

Not a sewing post. . . a Pepper post. . . .

(Sorry for the crappy lighting. . . I thought capturing the moment was more important than getting the scene right.)

We start em’ out early!

I don’t remember when Brad started reading to Lucas but it was early. Well we can’t slack off now! Here are a couple pics I snapped when I got home from work. . . Grandpa’s and Pepper reading together on the couch. Love it!!

Pepper & Grandpa

Pepper & Grandpa

Pepper & Grandpa

Pepper & Grandpa

Gollum in da house!

Back the truck up!

That’s right back the mother-huggin’ truck up! Ever feel like you have way too much on your plate and you’re about to choke and no one in the restaurant knows the heimlich maneuver? That’s how I feel today. . . I feel like I have so many sewing projects on my plate and then I start looking at other ones to start. . . then I stop and slap myself in the face because I remember I still have to finish what I started.

The goals for this weekend:

1. Finish my blocks for my bee

2. Finish my potholders for Fiona

3. Finish my Urban Home Goods swap, main item

4. Finish machine quilting the tokyo quilt and start to wrap my brain around binding. I’m not an expert at all at hand sewing so if you want to take me under your wing for a afternoon, I would love it!! (I could just sneak over to my mother in-law’s house and maybe bribe her with something sweet, lol now I’m in the same boat as Missy oh how the tides have turned)

5. Finish my chopped pillows

6. Organize my fabrics into bins.

I think if I tackle all those items this weekend, I’ll be a happy camper. . . . Okay if you think I’m delusional say, “I” – the I’s have it.

You know those crzy giveaways that other awesome bloggers have? You know, the bloggers who have sponsors and have like a billion followers. . . yeah I always enter and a tiny drop of hope of winning. Well I finally won!!! I was lucky to win a giveaway off Amy’s blog. It was a pretty sweet giveaway too!! Here’s all the goodies I got. . . .

Canton Village Quilt Works

Reannalily Designs

I Have a Notion

Wondrous Woven Fabrics

Patchwork Trails

to show how stinky appreciative I am for winning – I’m going to buy something from each sponsor!!

In other news, we had the negotiating meeting with the realtor that represented Udot. We gave him our numbers and it’s looking promising. The only person that needs to sign off on it is the big-wig manager. We’re looking at possible the middle of next week for the approval.

Udot will start to advertise to contractors soon. . . the construction won’t start til late May maybe into June. It’s going to be a “fun” summer.

And on top of everything I have to do. . . it’s tax season. I’ve stop doing returns as a side job and just do a couple of family member’s taxes. Don’t worry – I’ll keep doing the family’s taxes if they keep wanting me to. I’m just not going to add to the stress anymore by taking on more clients.

With our tax refund, we’re looking at remodeling our bathroom. Yeah you know the one with the tiles falling off the walls. . . and the linoleum peeling off the floor. . yeah that one. I will get before and after shots for you. But I’m telling you. . . I hate home remodeling, I think I did it so much last year that I just don’t want to do anymore!

P.S. if you haven’t seen the new video of Pepper laughing. . here it is!! (sorry, it’s sideways I need to learn how to edit)

Before there was me. . .

there was Missy and her craftygoodness. I finally hung up P-E-P-P-E-R tonight. I’ve been really lazy at getting the house together but I thought this is a new week and if I can tackle it throughout the week then my weekends will be awesome! (Especially the next 4 weekends – I have so much vacation that I’m taking 4 Fridays off and then maybe a week some where)

Loved how these look on Pepper’s wall though (thanks Missy!):


Pepper’s sitting up on her own – so I got a couple shots of her on our bed hanging out before bedtime:


Here’s a distant looking Pepper:



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