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Sanrio shutdown

Sanrio shutdown

So I think I blogged almost everyday last week. . . wow that’s kind of amazing. I blame that I had something to show like every night. This week is kind of crzy (meaning no sewing) so I haven’t really had time to blog.

Well my HK is finally done. .

So as a blogger, my plans were to hit the local Sanrio store in the mall and get an awesome picture of the quilt in the store or in front of the store. . .

Today, I’ve got the quilt in hand and walked into the mall.

I went to where the store was and it was replaced by a big name wireless store. Maybe it moved, so I turned and asked a mall worker where it moved to. “It’s been out of business for like 2yrs.” What!?!? This shows you how much I go to the mall.

Hmm. . what to do?

Hey, the Macy’s has a furniture section . . my quilt on fancy room furniture with spot lighting? sure!


Oh lets get a bed actionshot. . .


Binding on a zebra print ottoman. . . why not.


Here’s a close up of the loopy flowers that Kayli did, she’s awesome at quilting!


What’s the plans for the quilt? Well, it’s for my lil’ girl Pepper. Her current blankie is so tattered and she’s chewed on all the corners. Blankie = pacifier. If she doesn’t have it, she cries and cries. I’m hoping to slowly ween her over the HK and then I can fix the blankie and maybe it will get put away for my grandkids or something.



HK Actionshot# 3

My first finish in 2012!
Quilt = 54×54
6×6 blocks *1.5 unfinished squares*
Fabric: Stash
Binding: Lecien
Backing (not shown): Target sheet

P.S we’ll be doing a pixelated how-to stay tuned.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. This is a true work if art and so cute too!

  2. Just darling! What a hoot that the store has been gone for ages….kinda made me chuckle. (I’m not a mall rat either!)

  3. It turned out so great! My little girl would LOVE something like this!

  4. anniemouse lee says:

    what store did you buy most of the fabrics at. Maybe they would like to hang it in their store for a while.

  5. I once tried to take pictures of all the ridiculous Hello Kitty branded items in a Taiwanese department store, and I was asked to stop taking pictures. Guaranteed they would have done that to you, too. I love your quilt, BTW!

  6. So fabulous!!

  7. I love this so much!

  8. I’ve been following along and this quilt is so SEW cute!! I would never have thought of having it modeling at the Macy’s store. Genius idea.

  9. THat is so cute, what a great quilt for your daughter!

  10. Brilliant! I love that you took the shops in a store too – cheeky!

  11. Oh man – it turned out epic. The quilting is perfect. Love her so much!

  12. Whoa!!! My little granddaughter Annie would LOVE this quilt! She is 3 and loves Hello Kitty! :) Great job! Congrats on posting regularly! I have a 100 day Challenge going for myself…to post for 100 days without fail! It has only been hard on a few days when my brain won’t go into gear~ ♥

  13. I’d be lost if my local Sanrio ever shutdown… sniffle sniffle…

    Your quilt is uber adorable! It just looks amazing and is way too cute. I give it 3 apples!

  14. Super awesome, and I love the mental image of you running around the mall trying to take pictures of the quilt! I’ve never tried that…hmm…I wonder if my Macy’s has furniture… ;) HK turned out awesome, and I think Pepper’s going to love it!

  15. Looks fabulous Amy! I’ve often thought about heading to a furniture store to take quilt pics, but didn’t know if I wanted to become THAT crazy lady yet…. :)

  16. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! I’m sad the Sanrio stores are so hard to find…I grew up on some Keroppi!!

  17. What a fabulous quilt!!!

  18. I LOVE this quilt! You did an amazing job!!!! So sorry about the store being closed :o( You are so clever to go to Macy’s!!!!

  19. I love it, especially how your legs look like hello kitty’s

  20. Love the loopy flowers!!! Nice job!!!

  21. Love it!

  22. HK is beautiful! I love her, well you know that already ;-) I cam up with a great idea for mine. Hexagons. Yup, just need to pixelate, then each square is a hexie.

  23. Eeek! I am sending this to my mom… Too cute. :)

  24. This is way too awesome! I know Pepper will love it.

    I know there’s a Sanrio store in Miami. Vacation time!

  25. too cute!

  26. So awesome Amy! I am sure Pepper will love it as much as you do. Really awesome quilt. You rock!

  27. Beautiful, beautiful quilt. Amazing. Can’t wait for the tutorial.

  28. That is so cool! My daughter would love one too. Great job finishing it!!

  29. *shifty eyes* I must needs talk to this awesome Kaylie and see if she could do my someday quilt… I’ll email you about it ;)

    Plus your quilt looks fab. I love it. You have more skill in your pinkie toe than I do in my whole body!!

  30. A work of art!

  31. Allison C says:

    Well done! Still bumming you can’t do a QAL, but I’m still planning on making one on my own in the near future. Did you use different shades of white tones or is it just my computer?

  32. LOVE it, the quilting is perfect. Cracking up over the photoshoot!

  33. this is a fantastic quilt! really amazing job!

  34. You HK quilt turned out amazing! Too funny about the store!
    Can’t wait for your pixelated how-to!

  35. That is simply stunning! Love it- and love your macy’s photo shoot!

  36. Francine McGee says:

    LOVE the quilt and the Macy’s photo shoot! Going to have to try that some day.

  37. Lurv! My in-house Hello Kitty fan is salivating.

  38. OMG! That’s amazing work! *applause*

  39. nicole king says:

    I just picked up 4 JK craft books in Japanese from the Goodwill. I had no idea what was going to do with them….. Now I do. Thanks..

  40. I love it! I am imagining it translated into crochet, too!

  41. Love your HK quilt and I am sure it will be very well loved by Pepper too!

  42. Oh I’m so impressed by this. It’s spectacular! My cousin is a big Nintendo fanatic and I’ve thought about doing a quilt like this only using a pixelated mario or link (from Zelda). How did you go about making your pattern? If you could point me In the right direction I’d be so happy!

  43. This is so amazing!!! WOW!

  44. Your Hello Kitty quilt is adorable, but your impromptu photo shoot in the furniture department really cracked me up. Were there any raised eyebrows from sales staff? Or maybe there were no sales staff around due to recessionary cutbacks. At any rate, the photos were brilliant! I was at Marshall Field’s (now Macy’s) one Christmas and a family was taking their holiday photo in the furniture department. “Virtual” reality indeed!

  45. Oh, I love this quilt – my niece would adore one…best keep it out of her sight until I’ve finished the things I’m working on! I love the photo shoot in a shop idea – did the staff ask you what you were doing or keep well away?!


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