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Fenced In Quit Top = Done

Fenced In Quit Top = Done

Yup. . . got the top done faster than I thought, but this quilt is relatively easy! It’s a great quilt for beginners.

Two Roll Ups
6 Solid Fatquarters
= A pretty dang bright looking quilt

Fenced In Actionshot#2

(Front Actionshot)

Fenced In Actionshot#4

(Front Actionshot close up)

Fenced In Actionshot#5

(Back Actionshot)

What’s next on the agenda. . . . making the back. Yeah I’ve been debating back n’ forth on following Mrs Fransson directions for the back or do my own thing. I think I’ll make my own. I gotta put my own mark on the quilt right? And I think it will be a little different from just following the book to the T.


  1. Woah! That looks awesome! Bright, yes, but super fun! Love the action shot. Looks like your quilt is about to blow down the street!

  2. I really enjoy making my quilt backs. The front of this one is so pretty and colorful!

  3. I really love how bright it is. So cheerful. It makes me want to cut up my layer cake. I just have to decide on the perfect pattern. That is such fun fabric.

  4. Fabulous! Love the super bright colors. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the back. Such a happy quilt!

  5. It turned out great! This is the first one, right?

  6. Wow, lil’ Miss Sukie does it again! Love the bright colors and the cool woven effect of this pattern. Great photos.

  7. Thats a wonderful bright looking quilt!!!Did a amazing job on the colors.. It looks easy enough for me to do!

  8. That looks amazing! I don’t think it’s too bright at all! Love it!

  9. No such thing as too bright, my friend :) This looks amazing!!!

  10. Gorgeous!!
    Love the bright summery colours – can’t wait to see what you do for the back!

  11. Giddy99 says:

    That is SO amazingly beautiful! I would cherish a quilt with that much color!!

  12. Tinkerman's Daughter (Holly) says:

    So cheerful! I love it!

  13. It really is bright! The fabrics didn’t look that bright in the roll. Maybe it’s just because I never unrolled it. Great job. I have half of my blocks sewn together, I just got held up by another costume gig…

  14. I love it! Modern, fresh and young :) I can’t wait to see it finished!

  15. This quilt rocks!! I love it. Very bright and fun. And awesome.

  16. Vow! I love this with all those bright happy colours! It’s really beautiful and great photo with the blue sky!

  17. Love this, do you know how you’re going to quilt this?

  18. Love it! I just finished a couple of black/white/lime green quilts that need backings. I’m going to try the jelly roll 1600. I think it would perfect as a backing for your quilt too!


  1. [...] you guys remember the Fenced In quilt? What’s the status with that? Well I still need to start the back. . . yeah I have this [...]

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