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Another finished block

Another finished block

Yes. . tonight I mustarded up the strength to finish the 2nd block in the mystery quilt – but after I was done, I showed it to Brad and he saw a big mistake in the piecing. . can you tell???


I decided not to unpick it and move on. I’m too tired and I’m coming down with a cold. I think I caught it from the boy. Bleh!

I also go my 1st quilting book in the mail today from Amazon. . . almost couldn’t put it down, if I wasn’t at work. . . stupid work getting in the way. Boo!!

Anyway, I have this crzy idea about the book. Remember that show about that blogger who cooked every recipe in the book and blogged about it (yes! Julie and Julia. . haha) Anyway what if I did that with Elizabeth’s book but with quilts??? That would be interesting wouldn’t it. I think I’ll do it. Hopefully by the time I’m done, she’s have her 2nd book out.

1st Quilting book!


  1. Totally fixed the block btw.

  2. The mistake didn’t make it look terrible and in the finished product, I don’t think anyone would notice. But I’m glad you fixed it b/c every time you looked at it, it’s all you’d see.

  3. I think that is an awesome idea!

  4. What a fun idea. Haven’t picked up the book yet, but I’ll be interested to see how things go for you with it.


  1. [...] back in October, I had this crazy idea and posted it in my blog. And I’m officially announcing it on the blog now. I will be doing all the quilts in Mrs. [...]

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