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I’m craving a coke!

I’m craving a coke!

You know when it’s like a super hot day and you reach into the cooler and pull out your favorite drink (mine would be a coke) .  You pull that tab and hear that sweet sound of the carbonation being released into the air. . you take a good long swig. . .and a small “ahh. . .” comes out of your mouth, yeah I had that moment last night.

Yeah I actually designed a 12.5×12.5 paper pieced block for my hive this quarter. Here’s what it looks like:


(Debbie’s Block)

Yeah it’s super simple!!! And it took me one night to put the block together. . a couple hours because I had to figure out the math. I’m pretty sure I could bust the other ones out faster. I’ll do a tutorial on it and hope someone out there will make it.

I’m kind of under the gun with a lot of things in my life. . mainly it’s the end of tax season (oh yes, by day I’m an accountant).

So I’m in the middle of all these tax returns. . and I have other sewing deadlines. I blame myself really. . if I was more disciplined and organized. . . eh, once Monday hits, I’ll be a lot happier person ya know.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Quick Edit: just so ya’ll know. . I got my fix:

Got my fix!


  1. patricia says:

    It is a fabulous block. While I would love a tutorial, I think you may be putting too much stress on yourself. Take it a bit easy, at least during tax season. :)

  2. I love that block!

  3. LOVE my block!! Awesome what you designed – I know we all will appreciate having the tute when you get around to it. Good luck with all the work work, as well as the sewing! Take care!!

  4. Love that block! Look at you designing a paper pieced pattern…in the middle of tax season, awesome :-)

  5. I love the colours of this block! Great choice and congrats on making the design.

  6. Love the block & can’t believe you accomplish that during tax season! Yeah! I’m an accountant, too, and it’s crunch time! I have a date with my sewing machine on next week Wednesday.

  7. Awesome block! See, you totally are a designer. Can’t wait for the tutorial! (But yes, you should wait until after taxes are done.) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  8. I love your block, the colours are PERFECT!

    I don’t want to be a “Debbie Downer” but recently in the news, there was a story about Coke-a-Cola and Pepsi changing their recipes to ” to meet the requirements of a California ballot initiative aiming to limit people’s exposure to toxic chemicals.”

    A chemical called 4-methylimidazole, or 4-MI used in their coloring was found to cause cancer in dogs.


    I don’t know about you but my brother drinks Pepsi as one should drink water…

    Be well!

  9. awesome! can’t wait to get mine ;)

  10. Such a great block! Beautiful!!

  11. Awesome block! You knocked that out last night?? You rock :)

  12. Ooh I like that!! ‘Ahh’ indeed x

  13. I’m averting my eyes from Tabatha’s comment… Something so delicious can’t possibly be bad for you.

    Love the block!

  14. I LOVE your block! And my crutch is Dr. Pepper. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve gone through a Drive-Thru more than once and ordered ONLY the giantest Dr. Pepper they have! :)

  15. wow, you designed that block? Nice!

  16. NOW I like gray in a quilt block.

    I have been lagging behind the rest of the quilting world in my love affair with the color gray. You know, afraid it wouldn’t sit with me in the cafeteria in front of my friends, afraid it would ask me do its homework while it was dating other quilters, afraid that if I made a big emotional investment–and financial investment–that it would never love me the way I deserve. But I took one look at your quilt block and I think I am in love. I would even write letters to gray if it were in prison.

  17. Coke, yuck! :)
    Give me water or beer…

  18. Well if you do a tutorial I’ll make the block. I love the design of this one.

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